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Accept Licence Agreement Android Sdk

It will ask you to accept all agreements that have yet to be accepted. You just have to enter and enter “y”. Doing this again still doesn`t make Gradle happy. So manual reduction is the only solution until someone can find something better. (Please!) I was initially surprised that it didn`t work immediately, even when I accepted the licenses for the mentioned components via the Android tool, but I was told that it was the SDK manager in AS that created the /licenses folder. I may be late, but it helped me accept SDK licenses for OSX, I just found this problem, and what it solved for me on Windows, you use the command line and you recently installed the Android SDK, you need to restart the command prompt or power shell after installing the Android SDK. The problem was due to the fact that I installed Android Sdk on Android Studio and via apt with apt install android sdk adb. And Cordova called the installed files via apt instead of the files in my directory. I solved this problem by creating a public Git repo with the accepted license files.

Then I use wget to retrieve these licenses on any computer I need, in a [sdk-dir] /licenses directory, before releasing ./gradlew to create my project. We found the same problem that built the project on Jenkins. With buildTools Version `25.0.2`, we must accept licenses before building. In our case, we had to run: yes | sdkmanager –licenses that accept new licenses not previously accepted checkout: post: – cp -r licenses/. $ANDROID_HOME/licenses` From: developer.android.com/studio/intro/update.html#download-with-gradle If you have this problem for a React Native app, make sure, in addition to the steps above, that you have the local.properties file in the Android directory (AppName/android) of your app that links to your `sdk` directory: This requires you by all the licenses you haven`t accepted yet, and you can simply type y to accept each of them. For me, I built the Ionic with the command “ionic build android” and I had the same problem! The solution was simply to copy the license files from your configuration to other locations. If you use the docker image “circleci / android: api-28-alpha”, it works, it continues to display the un accepted GTC one after the other and you have the option to choose “y / n”. Choose it for everyone. This is much more flexible and does not require manual intervention….

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