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SAM is the proactive management of data throughout the software lifecycle, from contract negotiation to the end of the lifespan. KPMG and Flexera work together to bring these often different elements together to ensure critical data is collected, monitored and processed so your business can make more informed business decisions. Our joint solutions aim to reduce total software spend while reducing the risk of non-compliance with enterprise software solutions. The online services platform is made available in accordance with the terms of the platform or software provider. No design rule shall apply to a provision of this Agreement to the detriment of a Party simply because that Party has designed the provision or would otherwise benefit from it. Flexera Software is a well-established leader in software solutions that can help your business gain more transparency and control over your IT resources, reduce operating costs, and reduce licensing risk. By accessing the Online Service Platform, you agree to the terms governing the use of appian Corporations` software. See the Appian Corporations License Agreement (PDF, 48KB). KpMG and Flexera have a global team of software licensing experts who understand licensing metrics, system integrations, and software asset management (SAM). These experienced resources have strong technical and functional skills that can successfully identify areas where SAM solutions can contribute to significant cost savings, including reducing licensing costs and the risk of non-compliance, negotiating favorable contracts, improving process efficiency, and transparency of license and usage data. KPMG uses FlexNet Code Insight to identify open source licensing compliance and security risks.

While many companies understand that software is a strategic asset, most companies do not have a strategic solution to manage and optimize software spend, or fully understand the assets they own, how and where they are used, or the associated costs. Neither we nor our representatives are liable to you under any circumstances (including negligence) for loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of expected savings or operations, loss of opportunities (including the possibility of entering into or entering into agreements with third parties), loss of data or goodwill, loss of reputation or indirect or consequential damages, whether due to contracts, unlawful acts (including negligence) or others a result of your use of the Online Service Platform (including by a person who uses the System on your behalf or so-called on your behalf). . You agree that our electronic record of your use of the Online Service Platform is a genuine and correct record and that it will be used as such. You are talking about the user of the online service platform and, context permitting, including your representatives. Online payment via the online services platform is made via the BPOINT portal, supported by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. To make a payment, exit the online service platform and you will be redirected to the Queensland Government payment channel, operated by BPOINT, to complete the transaction. You warrant and warrant that you do not provide data: These Terms of Use apply to the Online Service Platform. You can also consult the general legal indications that apply to the department.

The representative shall designate an employee, representative, officer, director, contractor, subcontractor or other authorized representative of a party. . . .

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