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Can this delegation reduce bureaucracy or compliance/administrative costs? Of course, the answer will be no for most small and medium-sized NGOs. It is important to understand that delegation will not reduce compliance costs simply because it does not change the regulatory conditions contained in the quality framework for vocational training. If, under a delegation agreement, an RTO is not required to apply to the ASQA to change its scope, the requirements for adding a qualification/unit to its own scope are the same as for any other RTO. By crowding out the ASQA when changing the scope of the RTO registration, additional requirements will be added to the RTO`s quality management system to ensure compliance with the standards. Saving money depends on the number of qualifications/units you add to your registration. Tafe and other large NTs, who are constantly changing their field of registration, will certainly benefit from this initiative, small to medium-sized NGOs, probably not. Will your RTO save money? While NGOs do not have to pay a fee every time they wish to add a new qualification or unit of competence to their field of registration, RTOs must conduct delegation examinations. All costs related to the examination of the delegation are the responsibility of the delegate (RTO). Current ASQA rates are USD 1,100 per day (based on an 8-hour day) for the delegation`s audit service. Will your RTO save money? It depends on the dynamics with which you need to manage your record field. If you want to add a new qualification in your field currently, it will cost you $920 for the first qualification and $135 for each other.

If you want to add skill units, it will cost you $260 for each unit. (ASQA Fee Schedule V1.2) You should also consider the costs associated with managing delegation, including the processes that are updated in your quality management system (QMS). ASQA has invited 555 powerful RTOs with a strong history of compliance with national standards that have already met the admission criteria to request a delegation of regulatory responsibility.. . . .

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