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These points mean that employers can structure positions in which workers work more than 8 hours per day and/or more than the normal 5 hours in a row, without triggering overtime. In the case of a funding agreement, an employer may structure schedules. B work of 10 hours, 16 straight days, over a period of 4 weeks. Under such an investment agreement, there are no weekly overtime hours to pay until the hours of regular work exceed 160 hours. Sixteen days, with 10 hours paid per day, is equivalent to 160 hours of straight time. After these 16 days of work, 12 days must be unemployed before returning to the 4-week average cycle to avoid overtime. Example: 2 to 4 weeks of staff is scheduled 120 hours over an average period of 3 weeks (the maximum time that can be scheduled on a 3-week schedule; 3 weeks X 40 hours – 120), but works an extra day for a total of 125 hours. The 5 hours are calculated in weekly overtime with 1.5 X of normal salary. Thanks for sharing. I also read your article “How Stat Vacation Affects Overtime” and it helps us a lot. Dig down. Please, could you help determine whether, under the medium-term agreement, workers also comply with the following rules: a. The weekly overtime threshold of 40 hours (on average) does not change when there is a statutory holiday; B.

Legal holidays themselves are not considered hours of work for daily or weekly overtime in BC; c. The work of a statutory holiday does not count towards daily overtime (they are already paid for overtime); d. For weekly overtime, only the first 8 hours (12 hours, I think in the case of an average agreement) worked during a day count; E. The work of a statutory holiday counts for weekly overtime when those hours fall within the 40 hours used to determine weekly overtime. But working on a statutory holiday is not overtime. In other words, you do not pay a bonus and a half for work on statutory leave and you set the same hours as overtime. It would be a double immersion; Thank you and we look forward to your cordial greetings, Eva As long as the average weekly hours of the employee on the average cycle agreed no more than 40 and the staff never work more than 12 hours a day there is no obligation to pay overtime.

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