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Basic Exchange And Cooperation Agreement On Geospatial Cooperation

4.6. Under this agreement, there is no use of related products, data, publications or GIS materials provided by any of the parties if the financial or administrative control of this facility is conducted by any agency other than the parties to this agreement, without the prior written authorization of the contractant who provides the related products, data, publications or documents, except as part of the implementation. 2.1.4. The establishment of technical assistance and exchange of technological information relevant to mapping, geodesic and geodesic developments as well as production processes and techniques. 3.3. The annexes may be included in an implementation schedule to implement the implementation schedule. The appendices include, among other things, information such as descriptions and quantities of geostrategic products, data, publications and associated GIS materials to be exchanged, co-produced or lent, distribution procedures and recipient addresses. Topics covered: bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements in which India participates and/or harm India`s interests. 2.1.4. Geographical name information: geographic name information collected by governmental or civil organizations is exchanged free of charge to one of the parties in accordance with Schedule I. The agreement comes just days before the U.S.

presidential election scheduled for November 3. Under BECA, the United States exchanges technical and procedural information on standardizing methods, specifications and formats for collecting, processing and producing GEOINT information with India. These include tools and models for processing GPS data and transforming width, length and altitude coordinates across different frames of reference. With GPS-derived heights, an accurate geoid model will help determine the direction of water flows. The GNSS antenna calibration for the antenna reference point (ARP) and the northern reference point (PNR) must be part of the GEOINT to improve the baseline data. 2.1.3. GIS publications and related documents: copies of topographical publications and related GIS documents are exchanged free of charge with one of the contracting parties pursuant to Schedule I. Additional copies of the topographical publications and related GIS documents in Schedule I are requested in accordance with Schedule IV and may be provided by any party to the other party. Beca is the latest of four basic defence agreements between the two countries, which allow for a much higher level of military cooperation in the areas of technology, interoperability and armament manufacturing.

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