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Keep all of the software you`ve downloaded for free during the three years you`ve been in the BizSpark program. If you have servers in production, you will receive licenses to continue using up to 4 Windows servers (Standard Edition) and 2 SQL (Standard Edition) servers. The BizSpark team checks the requirements for startups that need a different configuration. I have about 5 physical servers on which Server Standard 2016 is run and are just hypervisor servers. The license (or installation key) came from the BizSpark program (which we completed from 2017). I have several VMs on these physical servers that all use the 2016 license key of the BizSpark program. If you haven`t been on the BizSpark site and/or haven`t completed the graduation process, the terms of the agreement between your start-up and BizSpark state that your startups no longer use Microsoft software and tools provided or consulted at the end of the program or after the program is unloaded, depending on what happens first. If your start-up wants to continue using any of the Microsoft software provided or accessed by the BizSpark program and BizSpark tools, your startup must acquire licenses. I suggest that the license be changed so that the requirements are: “You can use the software you received through the BizSpark program for three years from the date you sign up.” Eliminate the company in the company for < 3 years of requirement. The PDF file provided has not been found.

Would it be better to reissue everything in order to be compliant? Do you know what the typical vocabulary is in the PDF when you graduated (which we did)? In addition to the responsibility for the $100 fee program, startups can continue to use the development tools they previously received through the program. If startups want to continue to receive updates for development tools, startups can renew their MSDN subscriptions at usual prices and conditions. However, in order to continue using production licenses, start-ups may use a licensing program such as the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (or other Microsoft licensing programs that may be available at that time), but there is no requirement.

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