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Chase Legal Agreements And Disclosures

In the case of recurring transactions, if applicable, authorized by the sales contract, the seller (i) must obtain the customer`s permission to regularly charge the customer a fee for the goods or services purchased; (ii) retain this licence for the duration of the recurring services and pass it on to Paymentech or the bank issuing the customer card upon request; and (iii) keep written documents indicating the frequency of the recurring fee and the length of time these taxes can be collected, as well as the amount or range of amounts that can be charged. The seller is not allowed to submit a recurring transaction after: (i) a customer cancellation notification (if that notification was provided on time for three (3) days or more before the transaction date); or (ii) Paymentech`s statement or a card mark (via the authorization code or otherwise) that the card should not be taken into account. The seller must include in his transaction data the electronic indicator that the transaction is a recurring transaction. Nothing in these communications is considered to be an offer, solicitation, recommendation or advice regarding a product, service or strategy or obligation to grant credit (financial, accounting, legal, tax or other) from JPMS and/or its senior managers or collaborators, whether or not such notification has been made at your request. JPMS and its companies and associate employees do not offer tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult with your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before participating in transactions. JPMS does not guarantee that communications transmitted (sent or received) through the service are secure, accurate or complete, as information can be intercepted, manipulated, damaged, lost, destroyed or delayed, or contain viruses. At JPMS, it is not our practice to ask you, or ever you should, on a channel that is not fully secure or protected, publish, transfer, discuss or give access to confidential, personal, financial or other information. Although messages and all attachments are believed to be free of viruses or other defects that could affect any mobile or computer system in which it is received and opened, it is the recipient`s responsibility to ensure that it is virus-free. Sources. The data and other information used in these messages can be obtained from different sources; However, JPMS does not accept the application or guarantee of its accuracy, reliability or completeness or liability for losses or damages (direct or indirect) resulting from the use of all or part of this information.

The sender`s comments or statements do not necessarily reflect those of JPMS. Third-party websites. If we connect to information content to third-party sites, the publication of this document does not constitute an endorsement of the organization or activity on the third-party website. When you visit a third-party website, you can access an unsecured website that may have a privacy policy and security practices that are different from those of JPMS standards. JPMS is not responsible for any aspect of a website linked to third parties and does not control it. JPMS is not responsible for any direct or subsequent damage resulting from the use of such websites. In making a covered transaction, you assumed with JPMS LLC and JPMCB with respect to all documents, apply to a covered transaction (including, in order to avoid any doubt, negotiation confirmation agreements or confirmation of control of covered transactions), all “Role of Agent” provisions or other similar provisions or ratings relating to JPMS that act or sign on behalf of JPMCB on behalf of or on behalf of that covered transaction, if contained in these business documents, are considered to be deleted, and JPMCB is considered to be directly related to their own account.

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