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City Of Chicago Master Consulting Agreement

The Joint Professional Service Agreement (PSA) for the City of Chicago reflects the terms and conditions of this type of agreement, but the provisions may vary depending on the negotiation and the nature of the agreement. This PSA is published only for informational purposes and should not be construed as a definitive condition of a given project or contract. These conditions are non-negotiable and are updated regularly when required or required by law. The terms of these documents are taken up in reference to the negotiated commercial part of the concrete project contract. . . . GSA 8 (a) STARS II GWAC (contract no GS00Q17GWD2027), multiple IDIQ award for IT services and IT-based solutions. GSA STARSII Website View Emergency Procurement Requirement (PDF ) Painting) Professional Architectural – Engineering Services Conditions standard Accord with pre-qualified architectural and engineering firms are subject to applicable standard conditions. Construction – Water Management Stadt finanziert (over-authoret 19.11.2012) Contracting/Supplier/Sub-Consultant Approval (RSA) The city is asking the contract community to review and comment on contract models for terms and conditions, raw materials, employment services and professional services. This information is provided in accordance with school district contract reporting obligations, SB 783 (P.A.

95-707), to the FY2008 Budget Implementation Act (“Act”), Illinois School Code (105 ILCS 5/10-20.44). Standard offer forms are available in the Bid and Bond room on the 1st floor, Room 103, 121 N. LaSalle St. For more information, please contact the DPS Bid and Bond Room at 312.744.9773. The financial rating and experience evaluation procedure is to provide the ministry with adequate information on a contractor`s ability to satisfactorily fulfill and complete a contract with the City of Chicago. Galvan and Associates is a small company certified with contract vehicles in information and management technologies.

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