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Fifteen (15) days before the meeting, an agenda will be established and distributed. Other opinions and justifications may be put on the agenda in agreement with the two co-chairs. The final agenda is agreed by the co-chairs. This agreement applies only to officers of the Department of Justice and the Attorney General, Department of Corrections, who are assigned to a 6/3 rotation. This agreement applies only to Department of Justice sheriffs and the solicitor general, the Public Safety Division, operations and protection services on the provincial legislation site, which are assigned to the 12-hour rotation. The contracting parties will enter into negotiations on 15 January 2019 with a view to reaching an agreement on the wage borrowing system. This agreement applies only to law enforcement officers, sheriff`s investigators and the Warrant Apprehension Team of the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General, Public Safety Division, who are assigned to rotate in 9.25-hour shifts. All amendment recommendations must be approved by the majority of committee members and can be implemented by mutual agreement if adopted by the employer and the Union. In accordance with paragraph 3.01 of the Master Contract, paragraph 2.02 above and paragraph 16.05 of the framework contract do not apply to prison officers or correctional officers who are entitled to benefits under Article 7 of this agreement. This re-opening of wages should not be construed as an “opening of the agreement” to negotiations on other issues by any of the parties. Non-committee representatives may make presentations at meetings with the agreement of the co-chairs and a written submission is proposed to the co-chairs prior to the meeting. The topics to be discussed have already been put on the agenda. .

When this letter of understanding changes a worker`s work schedules, these workers have benefits and rights expressed in the form of daily or weekly rights to produce the corresponding benefits and entitlements, as if the work week were not changed. This does not result in any loss or benefit of employee benefits and rights. . Corrective peace officers working rotation 6 and 3 are expected to work the same number of hours over a compensation period as employees who work a 5 and 2 schedule of 38 3/4 hours per week. Corrections employees working rotation 6 and 3 should work the same number of hours as other correctional employees who work a 5 and 2 36 and a half hours per week over a compensation period. In accordance with Article 2.01 (b) of the Captain`s Treaty, The parties agree: To manage the collective agreement to allow the operation of a 6-day shift, the following 3 days off: Sheriff, Security and Transport 4 employees assigned to the tasks of district supervisor for the application of commercial vehicles and working 40 (40) hours per week, benefit from a difference of three points two (3.23%) in addition to the salary set for the respective classification. This additional amount is considered part of the worker`s annual salary. . The parties agree with the administration of the Alberta Law Enforcement Response (ALERT) overtime that falls outside the ALERT Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as follows: . .

Where such a presence before the court is required on a worker`s scheduled regular day of rest, the worker is compensated for overtime pay without all salary modifiers, in accordance with Article 17 of the captain`s contract, for all hours he performs in court in the official function of the worker, but with a minimum payment of two (2) hours at the premium overtime rate. .

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