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To familiarize yourself with the list of establishments offered for rent; Check to see if you need a license or license to rent your gas station in your state or place. Some states do not apply for rental permits from gas station owners, while others do. For example, the City of Berea, Ohio, is asking contractors to complete an application for authorization. To find out if you need to complete a similar application in your state, you can contact your State Department of Licensing and Regulation. Choose a form of payment that the tenant can pay you. It can be made by direct payment, automatic payments or in person. In-person payments can also give you an additional excuse to check the status of your gas station to see if the tenant is doing it well or not. “LUKOIL SRBIJA” may act as the owner of gas stations in its possession and hand them over to the lease agreement to the independent operator in the petroleum products market. In accordance with the contract law of the People`s Republic of China and the relevant laws, on the basis of the same mutual utility, the same value considerations and the same volunteerism of both parties, through friendly negotiations, concerning gas station rental issues, the Xi`an City Baorun Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and Xinyuan Gas Station , as follows: base area, facilities, buildings, dam park, gas station features; Constant revenues in the form of a fixed lease or margin allocation; If you want to rent a gas station, you need to pay attention to certain things. Assess the current value of your commercial gas station property to determine how much you should calculate for the lease. Look at all of your initial investments, average annual investments and average annual earnings. Your initial investments are made up of capital with which you bought the land, built the store, bought equipment and all the other things needed to start your business.

Your annual investments consist of the capital you use each month to buy fuel and all the other products you sell and a hiring fee. Your annual profit is made up of the income you have every month minus your expenses. Also consider the location of your gas station. This tells the tenant if he will have traffic to cover expenses and generate profits. This should give you a general idea of the value of your gas station. The form also contains many tenant features, including several extension options, the right to “darkening” (i.e. shutting down the operation with continuous rent), a “no competition” clause that limits the landlord`s right to lease ownership of another convenience store within a mile of the premises, a right to the first refusal to purchase the premises in the case of a third-party offer , and a replacement right that gives the tenant the right to request a new location from the lessor after the start of the fifth year of life.

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