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Although B.P.S. is mandatory, one of the most important of these is “No rules, just.” While this is a promise to our customers – if they want their steaks to be cut into 30 pieces, we will do it for them – it is also an attitude that permeates the company. Almost all of our innovations spring from the different restaurants, which often come from our waiters or our kitchen staff. They propose to the restaurant manager an idea that they can adopt experimentally. When you click on the recommended menu or recommended process change, the lead manager – whom we call the “managing partner” – announces the idea to its regional director, known as the Joint Venture Partner (JVP). The JVP oversees restaurants in a region or region – usually 10 to 20 sites – and will ask them to try the idea. For example, if it is food, they could be referred to our food technology department for development. If the proposed amendment complies with company standards, videos and other documents showing how they are implemented are distributed to other VPOs. Everyone is free to welcome it or not. In most cases, purchases from managing partners must be close to Universal before an innovation becomes a policy. Our Curbside Takeaway service, which I will describe later, was created in this way.

(Our taste for places of residence also helps explain why there are relatively few outbacks in places like New York and Los Angeles and ironically only two in Australia, where the bulk of the population is concentrated in major cities. In reality, the suburbs are our outback.) The terms “managing partner” and “joint venture partner” are not symptoms of stock inflation. They describe people`s roles and relationships with the organization. All managing partners, most of whom start working every hour, must invest $25,000 of their own money, not because Outback needs the capital, but because their financial contributions make them committed investors in the companies that will lead them. They must also sign a five-year contract, and they will receive approximately 1,000 shares with limited shares, which will not be transferred until the end of their contracts. In return, managing partners can retain 10% of the cash flow generated each year by their restaurants. The idea is to ensure that at the end of five years each of them will have shares worth about $100,000. With annual sales of more than $3 million, managing partners typically earn more than $120,000 per year in total compensation.

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