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I am eligibill for retirement from the OAS after 12 years in Canada and I live with my wife, who is 66 years old and I am 69 years old with low in coming . I applied for pension and have received a letter from Service Canada is not provided by fund/ pension The Bank is based in India with Branch in Middle East and India.My query is that I worked in UAE in an Indian Bank IN Dubai for about 32 years and Bank in UAE is not providen fund/ pension The Bank is based in India with Branches with Middle East and is governed by UAE regulations, Will i be eligible for old age but here is a link that you might find useful: www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/services/pensions/international/countries/philippines.shtml I propose, that you were waiting for, until they have approved or rejected your OAS application and see when you have come to the conclusion that you have been in Canada. If they reject your OAS application solely because of your residency in Canada, you can ask them to review your application under the Canada-India Agreement to see if you qualify for this process. Hello Binu – I am not an expert on the contribution aspect of one of the agreements, but I think there are very limited options, depending on your status in Canada and the type of employer you work for. Revenue Canada would be the authority in this area. My name is Rolando Cruz, I found your name on the DRpensions website and I would just like to consult my mother`s application for her old age insurance. I sponsored my mother and she emigrated here to Canada in March 2004. During her 10-year stay here in Canada, she moved to the Philippines three times (2005, 2007- 2010) and spent more than a year there. If I added everyone, she spent about 5.8 years here in Canada and 4.2 years in the Philippines, but she kept Canada as her primary residence. She filed her OAS pension application here in Canada last year (September 2014th), we received a response that they forwarded their application to the international department and then they sent another letter after 1 year, that she is not completing the 10-year stay, so she did not grant her the OAS pension when we filed her application, the basis we considered was the fact that she has both lived here in Canada and the Philippines for the last 10 years. The fact that they said “live or works,” which means that if she lived in both countries, but that she wasn`t necessarily working, that she would have qualified for at least a partial pension, I think you have more experts on it, that`s why I sent you this letter, in the hope that I get the right answer Hi Val – yes, as long as your MIL has lived in Canada for at least 20 years after the age of 18, his OAS outside of Canada is still available. If she gets GIS, she will end as soon as she is away for 6 months. If the pension you call your “husband supplement” is the CPP survival pension, it is paid forever outside of Canada.

If you are not eligible for a Canadian Pension Plan benefit based on your contributions to the CPC, Canada will consider your credit periods under the Romanian pension program as contribution periods in Canada Pension Plan. I emigrated from France in 1957 with my parents, I am now 78 years old, I worked in France from 14 to 17 years. I have dual nationality. That`s my question. Can I receive an old-age pension in France, since I only worked for 3 years? I understand that my employer has died in France since then and that no registration of the job has been registered/destroyed since then. I receive a military pension from a country (India) that does not have a social security agreement with Canada. Will this have an impact on my OAS and GIS right Your wife should probably be entitled to a CPP old-age pension, but receiving CPCs can affect the amount of their U.S. social insurance under the WFP?

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