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Rental Agreement Lessor Lessee

5.8.1. The bank guarantee must be valid not only for the duration of the lease, but also for a period of at least three months after the end of the lease, including the possible extension of the initial rental period, and after the return of the property to the lessor. A sale and buy-back of a leaseback is a type of agreement by which a party buys a property or property from another party and immediately leases it to the selling party. The seller becomes a tenant, and the company that buys the installation becomes the owner. This type of agreement is executed on the basis of the agreement that the seller immediately re-releases the asset by the buyer, subject to an agreed payment rate and a payment period. The buyer of this type of transaction may be a leasing company, a financial company, an insurance company, an individual investor or an institutional investor. During the tenancy, the tenant is responsible for the assumption of the asset and, if necessary, regular maintenance. If the tenant is an apartment, the tenant cannot make structural changes without the landlord`s consent. Damage to the property must be repaired before the contract expires. If the tenant does not make the necessary repairs or replaces the defective devices, the lessor has the right to charge the amount of repairs to the taker in accordance with the rental agreement. 2.2.2. Subsequently, a joint final check of the rental property must be carried out by or on behalf of both parties.

This final check must be carried out no later than the last working day before the expiry of the tenancy agreement or the return of the tenancy object by the tenant, if it is the last before that date. This final control report must also indicate all activities necessary to bring the object back to the condition set out in Section 2.3.1, which must be signed by both parties by their legal representatives. A tenant is a person who leases land or land to an owner. The tenant is also known as a “tenant” and must consider certain obligations within the meaning of the tenancy agreement and the law.

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