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Conjunction agreement: a seller can hire more than one real estate agent. The commission is paid to the agency that succeeds in securing the sale. ABSCHREIBUNGen-a) accounting, the systematic amortization of the initial cost of an asset during the life of that asset; (b) an effect resulting from physical aggravation, obsolescence or both; (c) as regards valuation, the depreciation of the current acquisition cost of an asset to calculate its present value. The accumulated effect on the value of an asset due to physical, functional, technological and economic obsolescence. AUCTION AGENCY CONTRACT – An agreement that the seller must sign when a property is offered for auction. Describes the minimum price and cost of the auction, including advertising and agent commission. Generally includes the condition that a broker has the exclusive right to sell the property during and after the auction. Exclusive agent contract: a seller only hires a real estate agent. The commission must be paid, whether the property is sold or not. Open listing agreement: A seller appoints more than one real estate agent. However, the property can be sold to the broker privately and without commission. PRINCIPAL- (a) A term used in most Australian contracts instead of “customer” or “owner”; (b) a licensed real estate agent who is responsible for compliance with an agency`s legislation, including legal liability for fiduciary accounts.

EXCLUSIVE LIST – If only one agent is responsible for the sale or rental of a property under an exclusive agency contract. Under the terms of an exclusive agency contract, the mandated agent is generally entitled to any commission resulting from a transaction concerning the property, even if it is sold/leased by another agent or the seller during the term of the contract. Also known as exclusive agency or individual agency. ADMINISTRATIVE AGREEMENT – A written contract that records the agreement between the owner and the manager of real estate on the obligations, responsibilities and liabilities of the owner and manager in the management of such property. 34. Real estate brokerage activities of real estate agents In the Northern Territory, there are no model agreements. However, it is the distribution agency contract that is most used. Sales agency contract: a seller only hires a real estate agent. The commission must be paid whether the property is sold or not…

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