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The conflict is old, the arguments are worn out and the parties have failed to achieve peace. At this stage, only a comprehensive response to critical questions has the potential to prompt the parties to end this seemingly tenacious conflict. Both sides must make important and difficult compromises to make greater profits. But instead of encouraging Palestinian leaders to submit, these measures have made them more provocative. In May, President Mahmoud Abbas officially cut all ties with Israel and the United States and declared that the Palestinians were no longer bound by previous agreements. The Palestinians have rejected the agreements of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain as a betrayal of their cause and insist that no other country has the right to negotiate on their behalf. Recalling Resolution 476 (1980), reaffirming that the acquisition of territories by force is prohibited, the Security Council being deeply concerned about the adoption in the Israeli Knesset of a “Basic Law” that proclaims a change in the nature and status of the holy city of Jerusalem, with implications for peace and security, and notes that Israel has not complied with Resolution 476 (1980). , reaffirming its willingness to examine, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Charter of the United Nations, concrete means of ensuring the full implementation of Resolution 476 (1980) if Israel does not respect the murders of children. It was at a time when Trump was thinking about whether Israel was the obstacle to peace. Netanyahu had shown the fake video to Trump to change his position in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. [59] At the end of June 2019, the “economic plan” was presented at a “Peace to Prosperity” conference organized by the United States in Manama, Bahrain. Palestinian leaders boycotted the entire event. [60] According to Bess Levin, who wrote for Vanity Fair, the entire conference was “agitated by experts” and cited one who called it a “Monty Python sketch of Israeli-Palestinian peace initiatives.” [60] Agreements are the first such agreements between Israel and an Arab state since 1994, when the Jewish state established diplomatic relations with Jordan.

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