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9. Support for additional warranty or liability. During the redistribution of the work or derivative works, you can offer and charge a fee for the acceptance of the medium, warranty, compensation or other obligations and/or rights in accordance with that license. However, if you accept such obligations, you can only act on your own behalf and in your sole responsibility, not on behalf of another contributor and only if you agree to disempower any contributor to any liability or claim arising from the acceptance of such a guarantee or other additional liability. 4. SOFTWARE Notwithstanding other contrary provisions, the applicable third-party seller or licensee reserves all ownership and ownership rights of its respective software to the Seller, including, but not limited to all ownership and ownership rights of copies of this software. Unless otherwise stated, the purchaser will be granted a non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the use of the software embedded in the products only for the purpose of the buyer who correctly uses those products purchased by the Seller. All other software will only be made available to the Buyer after the standard license agreement in force by the Seller (or the licensee) and used by the Seller, whose terms are included by reference. The software is the property or vendors selling proprietary information, and the buyer and his employees and agents cannot disclose the software or part of it to other people without the Seller having previously given his written and signed consent, with such written consent that requires a written document signed by an authorized representative of the Seller. An e-mail with electronic signature is not enough. The buyer must not decompile, redevelop, disassemble, copy, adjust, translate, distribute or modify the software, or attempt to decompilize or access the software`s source code; or (ii) to resell, lease, sublicensing or transfer or provide the software to third parties. The seller may, but is not required to update or update the software at its sole discretion.

In the event that the buyer has an active subscription service contract in effect and has an Internet connection, the seller may, at his sole discretion, update or update the software in the products. 2.5 Subsequent changes to ProGlove CARE conditions (for example. B change in the scope of benefits) may be agreed by both parties in a separate written agreement and will apply from the date of the change for the (remaining) duration agreed in the ProGlove CARE contract in accordance with points 8.1 and 8.2.

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