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Take advantage of a simplified, predictable approach to purchasing software with a single 3- or 5- year agreement. “The Cisco enterprise agreement has allowed us to be very agile. It`s the building block of how we can future-proof our centers and be able to be nimble and flexible to make adjustment as we need to and as our industry continues to evolve. The Cisco Enterprise Agreement simplifies license management by consolidating the multiple subscriptions and renewal dates normally required to manage enterprise-wide software licenses down to a single agreement with unified terms and conditions. You can enter into a Cisco Enterprise Agreement that meets your business requirements now and expand later using the same agreement. As part of an enterprise agreement, a company has the option to standardize the entire group to all associated companies or according to the definition of certain memberships (Affiliates). In addition to standardization products, you can also add additional products and online services to an EA. All rights to use in a business agreement (or EAS) always include software insurance. There are many necessary or useful measures to provide accurate information on needs. Here you will find a small selection: Do you have an inventory tool in use or a tool that can also inventory? So, like z.B.

Microsoft SCCM The Cisco Enterprise Agreement is ideal for companies that want financial predictability, a streamlined IT environment or a technology growth plan. A company agreement allows you to acquire different software licenses. This applies to desktop, application and traditional server products as well as online services and suites. In summary, depending on the content of the contract, consider the following: Simplified and centralized licensing management with a multi-portfolio agreement that covers your entire global organization. Start checking the rights to use a company`s software across the company, including the online services used across the group. As the subscriptor enterprise contract is a subscription model, you can not only subscribe to additional licenses for the next anniversary (true-up order), but also adjust the number of licenses on that date to the number of licenses actually required.

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