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What Is An Option Grant Agreement

LEAP (Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities) are among the longest options available, but even they only last two years, which would only help if your ESOs have two years or less to expire. Option pricing models are therefore crucial for you to know the value of your ESOs. Your employer must specify a theoretical price for your ESOs in your option agreement on the date the option is granted. Be sure to ask your company for this information and also find out how the value of your ESOs was determined. (b) Upon request, you agree to perform any other document or instrument that is necessary or desirable in the Sole Determination of the Company to fulfill the objectives or intentions of your option. (b) National relations. Listed options have normalized contractual terms in terms of the number of shares underlying an option contract, expiration date, etc. This uniformity makes it easy to trade options on any optionable stock, be it Apple, Google or Qualcomm. This Schedule forms part of the Agreement and contains the terms and other information applicable to the non-qualifying stock option (the “Option”) granted to the Participant under the Program, as described in the Summary of Premiums on page 1. All options are denominatory on Citigroup common shares with a par value of $0.01 per share (hereinafter referred to as “Shares” or “Citigroup Shares”).


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