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Payments. Their payments are based on the value of the machine divided by the number of payments expected over the duration of the lease, plus interest. An acceptance clause allows another company to resume the remaining terms of your copy rental. Sub-leasing in this way will effectively relieve you of the financial burden of monthly payments. As the first tenant, you will take responsibility for the rented equipment should something happen. But unless you hate the machine, it won`t solve your problem. Most people who are looking for ways out of their photocopier lease no longer have a machine that meets their business needs, or are angry with the service of their dealer or manufacturer If you sign a service contract with a new dealer and the agreement comes with brand new appliances, there is no need for a service contract with higher costs. But it`s not gimmick. The photocopier merchants don`t have to charge you that much in the first year. Pre-closing of a photocopier lease may or may not have consequences of its own. Consider all possible criteria, and then choose a solution based on what you think is best for the future of your business. If you have specific questions about leasing a photocopier or photocopier lease, please contact us. The insurance supplement.

Check your copy contract to check insurance supplements. Some lenders require your leased equipment to have insurance coverage. You may be able to avoid additional insurance if you can prove to the lender that your office insurance covers photocopiers. Another option is to terminate the copy contract early by paying the balance due. In this case, you will continue to meet the rental conditions and you can leave unscathed. This is not an ideal option for many companies that may not have the necessary cash flow. A copy lease buyback (not to be confused with a repurchase agreement) may be included in a new lease. Distributors of photocopiers generally purchase leases to deprive a competitor of the transaction. This way, the trader can win your business with newer devices. The photocopier merchant will cut a cheque for you to pay the balance you have with your former leasing company.

The problem is that you add the balance of the old lease to the cost of the new lease. Often, there are scenarios in which a competing dealer is willing to “buy” your lease to win your business. In this case, the competing dealer will allocate the cost of your remaining lease into their new lease. This allows them to recover the money spent to pay for your old equipment. It drives me crazy to see cable companies promoting their “Super Deluxe Premium Channels Package” for only $80 a month (including the Internet!). I know my monthly payment will almost double in 12 months. A friend who worked for the cable industry explained the reasons for this, and I realized that it is exactly the same reason that photocopier service agreements do it too. The company is legally required to make payments to the leasing company for the duration of the copy lease, and the conditions for terminating the contract are strictly defined. This means that photocopier rentals are not particularly easy to obtain.

A rental of photocopiers only applies to machine-rented machines. The service contract is everything else, including: service calls during downtime, remote support, supply orders and machine maintenance.

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